vineri, 13 iunie 2008

My Grandma's Backyard la B'ESTFEST

Hey there! I'm very glad to announce you that I've been invited to participate at B'estfest (no, I'm not going to perform next to Alanis :D) I'm going to spend great time next to extraordinary people:

-Gabi (MGB organizer) - hereI have a big THANK YOU!!! A great organizer and friendly person, she always thinks at all the details and takes care of us.
- Cristina from Atelier Aiurea and Rodica from Burp - very intelligent girls, funny, friendly and adorable. One just enjoys spending time with them :)
- Diana and Ramona - Want to learn about fashion? Go and talk to them! Very mature, yet childish, strong and feminine; great friends :)
- Oana and Virginia - great jewelry: colorful and witty
- Noko - great concept
- Cosmina Nicolescu

...I'm going to sell my stuff and to have lots of fun fun fun :)

See you there!!!

PS: Some pictures were sent from the future, I actually see you guys in the second one ;))

7 comentarii:

Admin spunea...

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Blogul meu este

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BURP spunea...

:)) funny post, m-am distrat citind.

P.S.: tx pentru cuvintele frumoase :* u are soooo sweeet!!!!

Andreea Vaduva spunea...

@radoua: 10q for your nice words, but it seems that we don't share the same interests, so I'm afraid I'll have to pass your offer. Good luck!
@burp: :)) and you haven't heard me singing yet.

P.S: u deserve all that ;)

Vlad Gabriela - Maria spunea...

gee man, you are FUNNY!
and you might consider yourself an adorable creature aswell :))

muah muah and much love!

Micky spunea...

salut andreea,

nu-ti pot trimite un mail pe adresa de yahoo. poti sa-mi dai alta adresa functionala?


Andreea Vaduva spunea...

@ciudat: you too, me too, we all do ;)) xoxo
@micky: mail-ul est perfect functional: sau yahoo ID: andreea.vaduva . daca intr-adevar nu-ti merge atunci poti trimite la Numai bine :)

simplyme spunea...

esti o scumpete de fata, ca o paine calda!! bafta multa la examene, iti tinem pumnii stransi (ii pun si pe motani la treaba :)

take care, concentrate, ca vin vremuri si mai... grele :)) hihi -just kiddin'