duminică, 31 ianuarie 2010

Fashion Bloggers

Have I ever told you about my favorite fashion bloggers? I will start with my last discovery: a 13 year old amazing girl that started her blog when she was 11!!! Now she's invited at fashion shows and it seems she has a word to say about fashion industry. Meet Tavi :)
My first discovery in this field was Jane, from Sea of Shoes, whom style I absolutely adore! Then I bumped into Susie aka Style Bubble and Jennine aka The Coveted, that without mistake can be called style icons.
Speaking about fashion, check out this new online fashion magazine: PLM that features lovely cloths from Corina Vladescu, Andreea Badala and Multe Mandarine and also a great article about Maison Martin Margiela written by Daiana.The smart man behind it is fashion designer George Enache.

Have a nice Sunday!

LATER UPDATE: Most influential style blogs
Just discovered a dreamer. Love the header.

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