luni, 4 ianuarie 2010

Right Now People

Have you ever thought of being one of the Right Now Persons? That is doing whatever you want in the precise moment you think of it. Some light examples: eating chocolate during a meeting, holding hands with the person next to you (even if that would be a first time) going for a walk at 2 a.m. without thinking that you have to be up at 7 a.m, listening loud your favorite song  no matter the circumstances (office for example).
Yes, this means being irrational and maybe screwing up your well built schedule, but it will make you feel alive and realize something: how much of your actions are things that YOU WANT (or like) to do and how much of your actions are things that YOU'RE SUPPOSED  to do, or that somebody else wants you to do?

I've decided to try it out. I will pick at first a day, a Saturday to see how it goes :)
What about you? Are you going to try it out?

4 comentarii:

BURP spunea...

yep, thought of it :)

but "thinking" is exactly the wrong thing here. I mean, if you already think about doing something and plan it ahead, it won't be a "right now" thing. So don't choose a Saturday to try it out, today's the day :)

right now, in fact :)

Andreea spunea...

ok then! Suits me: I should write my homework for tomorrow and pack my stuff for Bucharest, instead I will play Tap Tap, Watch some Family Guy, than sleep :D

Leti spunea...

sa imi spui si mie nota pe care ai luat-o la homework,in sistemul asta :))

Andreea Vaduva spunea...

Mai bine astept sa imi vina cheful sa fac tema, decat sa o fac prost atunci cand nu am chef. Plus ca atunci cand nu exista tema, nu exista nota, right?: :))