luni, 11 ianuarie 2010

Shifty days

A couple of weeks ago I've changed my logo, as all of you may have noticed. I know, I know, it's not professional to do that but in every January I really feel the need for change. I've always been shifty, unable to stay focused on a thing for too long. Biba Bijoux is the best thing I"ve ever had, but I still can't hold my horses when it comes for changing something about it once in a while. So, what do you think? Do you like the new one better?

And I have some good news also: some time ago I received an email where I was said that my jewelry is nice and they wanted it in their showroom in London: The Runway Showroom. I felt so great reading their email and I just hope for more international collaborations.

I wish you a great week! I will spend mine studying, but in February I will be ready again for creating new stuff for you.

3 comentarii:

Charity spunea...

that's awesome!

Oana's JuJuewellery spunea...

Love your webpage, 'cause I took your suggestions and visited the links.. and they made my day:)
Keep on doin' the great job!

Andreea spunea...

Glad to be of one's help :)