vineri, 26 februarie 2010

Ladies Week @ Cafepedia Romana

Details here.

luni, 22 februarie 2010

My shop has a new skin

That's right! My shop rocks a dusty purple from now, thanks to my lovely friend Geoki, who knows the language of web design. I also added some new items and I tried to make better photos. So, please drop by and tell me what you think. Enjoy!

joi, 18 februarie 2010

marți, 16 februarie 2010

(un)happiness disease

Have you ever thought about this disease? Because it exists, it is the mother of all diseases, but nobody pays attention to it. Have you ever thought what would happen if the doctor told you that unless you are happy, you will die. That is: every thing that you do and it bothers you doing, every misplaced word you receive, every tear, every sleepless night is one step closer to death. Challenges, delightful stress, competition, working hard on whatever you like are not causes of this disease. So you can do whatever you like, whatever makes you feel comfortable, no matter how hard it this, as long as you enjoy doing it is fine. But every thing that you repulsively do, kills you.
I wish I were labeled with this disease. I wish I could say don't make me go there, you know I don't want to, plus you know I'm ill, I'm only allowed to be happy.

luni, 15 februarie 2010

Give for Animals

Would you like to know how to help some little sweet kittens and puppies? You should just visit this fair and shop whatever your heart desires. All the money will be used to help those helpless sweethearts.

sâmbătă, 13 februarie 2010

Freee shipping this month


Yep, that's right! We are all thinking about sunny days, spring flower and birds tweeting, so I thought of making you a surprise: this month you will receive a trinket, traditionally decorated for the beginning  of march, and free shipping for both my Etsy shop and my .ro shop. Enjoy!

joi, 4 februarie 2010

Dreamy Days

Today I finally succeeded to create a Treasury list on Etsy - Dreamy Days- and I really love how it turned out. There are so many amazing things on Etsy, some beyond imagination. And I was thinking to share with you, once a week, my favorites. We shall see about that. Untill then, enjoy your dreamy days :)

marți, 2 februarie 2010

JK Rowling: The fringe benefits of failure


I received today from Andra,  a link to a speech delivered by JK Rowling in 2008 at Harvard. You have here the video and here the speech written. Listening to her you'll just laugh and cry and think...just a small quote, not the most relevant, but the first one that came into my mind: 

Imagination is not only the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not, and therefore the fount of all invention and innovation. In its arguably most transformative and revelatory capacity, it is the power that enables us to empathise with humans whose experiences we have never shared..

Plutarch: What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality. 

It's about failure, imagination, empathy, apathy, kindness, power and life. Enjoy!