joi, 4 februarie 2010

Dreamy Days

Today I finally succeeded to create a Treasury list on Etsy - Dreamy Days- and I really love how it turned out. There are so many amazing things on Etsy, some beyond imagination. And I was thinking to share with you, once a week, my favorites. We shall see about that. Untill then, enjoy your dreamy days :)

2 comentarii:

. spunea...

cat ai pandit ca sa poti sa o faci?:P

oricum... foarte frumoasa lista. imi place la nebunie gama cromatica atat de pasnica si visatoare.

Andreea spunea...

Pai cateva saptamani :) Momentul X in care as fi putut sa creez o lista tot pica noaptea, pe la 03:00 -04:00, rezonabil pentru ei, inuman pentru mine :D