sâmbătă, 12 iunie 2010

How sweet?

THIS sweet!

How cool do you think it is to receive such a delicate present from Aitch herself? It's AWESOME!
The more I get to know her work, the more I fall in love with everything that she does. Yesterday I attended this show and I was mesmerized by the world she and Saddo created. Somehow it reminded me of the illustrations of Gargantua and Pantagruel by F. Rabelais ( illustrations by Val Munteanu).
However, I strongly encourage you to check out her pages:
Aitch on Facebook
Aitch Shop
Aitch Complete Works
Aitch's Blog
Aitch&Saddo Artworks
The Big Bad Wardrobe

3 comentarii:

Meda spunea...

Foarte mult imi place brosa (cred ca e brosa). Merci de link. Ma duc sa-mi scald ochii>

silvi spunea...

sweet! :)


Janice spunea...


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